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We Will Help Your Child Get An A* In A-Level Maths So They Can Get Into Their First Choice University In 2025

Live Interactive Online Math Classes, For Year 12 & 13 Students (Final 2 Years of High School), With A Heavy Exam Focus Taught By The UK's Number #1 A-Level Maths Tutor

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of students LOVE the Accelerator Methodβ„’ teaching style by Amrit

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of parents & students would recommend A-Level Maths Mastery to their friends & family

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minutes of learning inside of our platform with tough exam questions

Why Does This Exist?

A-Level Maths Mastery is a premium online education platform designed for Grade 11 & 12 A-Level Maths students in international schools studying the British Education System. πŸ†

Students work with us because schools rush through the content, textbooks omit the difficult exam style questions & their existing tutors aren't providing them with a clear structure or support system to get them an A/A*.

Our aim is to help students understand A-Level Maths FASTER with our live interactive teaching approach. πŸ“šπŸ§ 

World Class Mathematician

Our founder, Amrit Shinh, is a world class mathematician.

With two masters degrees in maths; A first class MMATH from University of Leicester & MSC Financial Maths from UCL (top 10 uni in the world). πŸŽ“

A* in A-Level Maths & A in Further Maths, Amrit has been private tutoring A-Level Maths since 2011, has taught A-Level Maths for 3 years in secondary education and is a former A-Level maths examiner. πŸ”₯

If you want to master maths, you need to learn from a master of mathematics.

Why A-Level Maths Mastery?

A-Level Maths is different to what it was 10 years ago.

Before, the exams were modular so you knew what to expect.

Now students sit the exam at the end of two years, which means the exams are more challenging as many different topics are now mixed together. 

This had led to students struggling with the jump from GCSE, despite them achieving grade 8/9. 

So we decided create a 4 step system for A-Level Maths success called the Accelerator Method. 

Students & parents decide to work with us due the interactive teaching & questioning approach Amrit uses, the weekly live 1:1 help sessions, our lesson workbooks & our course structure.

Simply put students will have a structure in the week with their studying and an action plan to go from where they now towards an A/A* in 16 weeks.πŸš€

We want our students to become the best at the maths and become the best version of themselves.

Our 4 Step System For Maths Success

When students work with us, we implement our 4 step strategy to take them from the grade D/C/B towards A/A* called the ACCELERATOR METHOD

Step 1) Mastery of the Fundamentals - truly understanding each topic thoroughly through interactive Q&As & detailed explanations

Step 2) Mathematical Speed - being able to complete the exam faster, from the back to the front

Step 3) Strategic Thinking Like A Chess Grand-master - knowing what to write down before pen hits the paper

Step 4) Exam Simulation - regularly practising tough problems in exam conditions

This system makes mastering A-Level Maths effortless.

The Ultimate A-Level Maths Learning Experience 

Here's What's Included


Each week we cover the new spec (Pure, Stats & Mechanics) from the basics all the way to the tough exam questions, taught interactively... Showing all possible methods to each question.

We ask our students to unmute their mics and tell  us the answer. We get them to send images of their work during lessons for real time assessment of learning. 

Every lesson has a clear purpose. To help students get through the syllabus, with a strong level of understanding & a heavy exam focus. The explanations are seriously top-notch. 


We summarise the content covered at the end of the week, with more tough exam questions. This is called our Exam Question Classes.

In these classes I cover difficult questions from the new spec, old spec and my own questions I write from experience as an examiner & obtaining 2 masters in maths. 

This helps students be prepared for the difficult exam questions that are rushed in school and omitted from textbooks.


With most 1:1 tutors, tuition centres & of course school... Lesson's can't be re-watched. Studies show that students only retain around 10-15% of information from a lesson in school.  

This is frustrating on very difficult topics. Rather than scrambling through your notes trying to piece together a topic  that you forgot... You can re-watch all our lessons until you finish your A-Levels.

By re-watching the content you can revise perfectly with the correct explanations.


Before each live lesson & exam class students are able to print off our professionaly designed workbooks. We go through these workbooks during lessons. They're also a great revision source as the have clear explanations and worked examples from the basics all the way to tough exam questions


Tired of waiting days for your teacher to help you or posting maths question in tiny chat boxes in other online platforms?

Instead come to our drop in help sessions every week, where we help you live 1:1

We have 5 every week that students can come to ask for help on ANYTHING in A-Level Maths. They can come as often as they wish :)


We give students our own assessments to help prepare them for their mocks & final assessments. 

These questions are written by Amrit himself. 

This way students are more used to doing practise questions in exam conditions, earlier than other students in the country.


Each week to help our students consolidate their learning we provide them with difficult exam style questions, video solutions and the ability for them to submit their work for feedback.

This not only improves their scores but gives them confidence in knowing they are getting closer to their goal. 


Students get access to Amrit (myself) as their personal mentor. 

Not a random university student who hasn't completed their degree nor is qualified to teach.

This way students are being supported by the expert every step of the way.

πŸ”₯  Access To Every A-Level Maths TOPIC On Demand

If a student wants to watch a particular lesson before it is covered in our live lessons they can do so by watching all of the previous years recorded lessons on everything in A-Level maths.

No childish explanations or long boring videos that don't get to the point. No fluff, crystal clear explanations and worked examples in increasingly levels of difficulty all the way to exam questions.

Experienced Maths Tutor, Teacher & Examiner

  • 2 Years experience as an A-Level Maths examiner for major exam boards from 2017-2019
  • Amrit is a UK fully qualified teacher with 3 years teaching experience in Colleges & Sixth forms 

Not One, But TWO Masters Degrees in Mathematics

  • Master of Mathematics with First Class Honours from University of Leicester
  • MSC Financial Mathematics with Merit, from University College London 
  • A* in A-Level Maths & A in Further Maths

Trusted By Parents & Students Across The Country

Here's What Could Be Possible For Your Child

Meet Amira. Although Amira achieved a 9 in GCSE Maths, when she initially reached out to us she was achieving 20% in topic tests. This was worrying for Amira as she knew that she had to get good grades for her UCAS application. 

Amira & her mum reached out us to see how we could help get her grades quickly. After Amira enrolled we helped her implement strong study habits & gave her an action plan to take her from a grade U to an A. 

Amira has now achieved her dreams of getting accepted into Medicine. Watch the interview above with Amira & her mum.

Meet Jacob. Jacob & his dad reached out to us after being stuck at the grade C level (which is between 45-50%) throughout the whole of year 12. Jacob couldn't apply the knowledge from school & his textbooks to the exam questions. He also struggled with understanding the applied content. 

After following our Accelerator courses, his confidence in the subject grew... Jacob obtained a grade A in A-Level Maths. Watch the video above to see what he had to say.

Meet Tanbir. Tanbir was stuck in year 12 at a grade C and knew he could do better. His parents really wanted him to succeed as they knew getting a place in medicine is extremely competitive.

After working with us in year 12 & 13 Tanbir secured a solid grade A in A-Level Maths & got accepted into Medicine. 

Meet Hesham. Hesham reached out to us just several months before the A-Level exams. He struggled with applying knowledge to the tough exam questions.

His parents wanted him to have an interactive learning approach where he could ask questions in real time, a structure in the week with his revision where he would complete the syllabus and of course get regular practise. 

After attending our live lessons, exam classes, coming to our help sessions and completing the work set, Hesham got an A in A-Level Maths and secured a place to study Architecture. 

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Our A-Level Maths Accelerator Packages

Common Questions From Parents & Students

What's The Difference Between Pro & Pro Max?

The Pro Max package offers a notable distinctionβ€”students have access to our weekly drop-in 1:1 help sessions. These sessions occur five times a week, and you are welcome to attend as many as you'd like. Additionally, you receive Amrit as your dedicated personal mentor, providing you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have throughout the entire program.

What are Amrit's Credentials?

Undoubtedly, one of the most highly qualified tutors you'll encounter:

- MSc in Financial Mathematics from UCL (with Merit).
- MMATH (Master of Mathematics) from the University of Leicester (First Class Honours).
- Holds 2 years of experience as an A-Level Maths Examiner.
- Achieved A* in A-Level Maths and A in Further Maths.
- Holds a PGCE with QTS (qualified to teach).
- Serving as an A-Level Mathematics Teacher since 2014.
- A dedicated A-Level Mathematics Tutor since 2011.
- Founder and Owner of A-Level Maths Mastery & A-Level Further Maths Mastery.

What Makes A-Level Mastery So Special?

We provide world-class A-Level Mathematics tutoring through live online sessions, designed to enhance students' comprehension of mathematics at an accelerated pace. Our approach features interactive teaching methods, a robust support system, and a well-structured course that consistently attracts new students to choose our services. Rest assured, your child will be equipped with everything necessary for academic success.

What other subjects do you offer?

We also offer A-Level Physics. Our lead physics tutor has two degrees in Physics and is an international author. 

When should I start Maths Tuition?

Immediate enrollment is highly advantageous. The sooner your child joins, especially if it aligns with your preferences, the better, as they can promptly address any knowledge gaps. This allows them to advance through the content efficiently, enabling ample time for additional practice with past papers and high-quality revision.

Is it really possible to turn things around in  16 weeks?

Yes. See all the reviews from former students.

When will next cohort start?

September, October, November, January.

If you're currently reviewing this information, immediate sign-up is recommended. Advancing quickly through the material allows for more dedicated time towards quality revision, extensive practice with past papers, and thorough identification of any weak links in your understanding. Don't delay; secure your spot now for a more advantageous learning experience.

Is this better than 1:1 tutors?


We record our lessons so students can go back to what they learned, providing a strong learning base. Being part of a community with similar goals helps students go through more topics quickly. This setup gives a clear and organized structure to the learning process.

Will my child be able to ask questions

Absolutely. Our lessons are interactive with direct questions being asked to each student. Students can raise their hands at any time. Students can also ask for help on anything they're stuck on in A-level maths in our office hours and in their strategic 1:1 calls. 

Sounds good, but I still have a question?

Send us a message on email or whatsapp. 

Which exam boards is this good for?

All of them. A-Level Maths is the only alevel where 99% of the content is the same. Maths is maths. Any topics that are specific to certain exam boards we let students know. 

Is this easy to manage?


It's just 4 hours out of the 168 hours available in a week. All our successful students managed this even with 3-4 A-levels. This approach is designed to propel your child ahead, allowing them to complete the syllabus before the end of March and concentrate on the most challenging part – applying knowledge to exam questions.

With 3 lessons each week covering content and the 4th lesson dedicated to practical application (exam class), your child gets a comprehensive learning experience. Plus, the lessons are recorded for easy rewatching.

Do you do a trial?

Yes we can give access to 10 sample lessons that you can watch which will serve as your trial. If you like the sample lessons, you'll love the program. Period. 

Is this a good investment?


This will significantly contribute to your child's admission to university or securing an apprenticeship, laying the groundwork for a successful and well-paying career in the future. Consider the potential outcome, such as becoming a doctor – the value is evident. While we may not be the most budget-friendly option, we intentionally prioritize quality over cost because, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The investment made here is in the quality and effectiveness of the education provided.

What if I miss a lesson or can't make a lesson?

All lessons are recorded and replay is uploaded the next day.

Is this better than other programs online?


Compared to other online group programs, our offering stands out in several key ways. We provide a higher frequency of lessons each week, enabling students to complete the content in a shorter timeframe. Our unique structure includes office hours for immediate help, differentiating us from programs that offer a supposed "1:1 mentor," often a university student with delayed responses.

Our emphasis on finishing content in advance transforms school into revision, placing students ahead of their peers. With our meticulously crafted syllabus, each week and lesson serves a specific purpose.

Importantly, you're learning directly from me; I'm not associated with any other company. If you want to be taught by me, this is the place. Hands down, our A-Level Maths program is unequivocally the best in the country.

Is this mixed abilities?

We work with students at the grade C level to help them get towards an A/A*. Even if your child is at an A, they'd still greatly benefit.

How do we sign up?

Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to assist.

How long does my child have access to the materials for?

Until they receive their results in August. 

We Help Students Achieve Top Grades In A-Level So They Can Have A Successful Future

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