How Your Child Can Easily Get An A/A* in A-Level Maths In The Next 16 Weeks So They Can Get Into Their Top Choice University/Apprenticeship & Build A Successful Future

Without Feeling Stressed & Overwhelmed...

Dear parent, from the desk of Amrit Shinh.

Before I type another word I have to show you something incredible…

Because it’ll show you what’s been possible for my students, and afterward, what can be possible for your child too…

Interviews With Former A-Level Maths Students

Randeep Went From C to A 🔥

Daniel Went From Cs to As ⭐️

Ryan Smashed It & Got An A* 

Hesham Went from C to A

Randeep Got An A

"You are the GOAT of maths" - Student Feedback

Kieran Went from D to an A in 16 Weeks! 

Jessica Got An A* 

Current Student Feedback
(More Results Will Appear Here After Results Day)

A/A* in a very short space of time

Went from working at a B to getting A*

Went from consistent D's & C's to A's

Gone from B/C to A in my mocks

From D's & C's to A's in Mocks. 

His concepts are clear

Grades skyrocketed from C's to A's

Amrit helped me go from D to A in January Mocks

Got 42/50 in Statistics because of this

My confidence skyrocketed

I predict that I should achieve A/A*

Start of year 12 I was getting a D. Now I am predicted an A

From Cs & Ds to A's & B's in mocks.

Stuck on B's consistently and now I've got an A and A* in my last two exams. 

Got a C in January Mock then I got an A in my April Mock

Would you like your child to gain a place in their top uni/apprenticeship? 

So that one day, they can achieve their dreams - earning their first class degree, securing a high paying stable job that they enjoy, owning their own property, getting their own car and becoming a responsible adult?

All of this is possible if they get the best grades for their future career. Competition nowadays is tough, and your child needs to stand out.

They only have ONE SHOT at their education, so let's make it count. Together, we can make sure they have the best chance at success.

What are the benefits of working with us?

  • Effortlessly Master The Toughest Topics And Questions That Are Often Rushed Through In School, Lack Clear Explanations On YouTube, And Are Omitted From Textbooks.
  • Create Structure And Routine So They Can Effectively Plan Their Revision And Show Up As The Best Version Of Themselves... Like How An A* Student Would

  • Get Ahead Of Their Class So They Can Have More Time To Spend On Quality Revision Rather Than Cramming Tonnes Of Material With Sub-Par Understanding
  • Master The Fundamentals So They Can Start Scoring Top Marks In Homework, Past Papers And The Real Exam In The Summer.
  • Be Able To Develop Mathematical Speed & Fluency So They Can Finish The Paper With Time To Spare. Allowing Them To Focus More Of Their Time On The Difficult Questions.
  • Boost Their Predicted Grade, Improve Their Performance In Mock Exams, And Secure Admission To The Best Universities. This Will Enable Them To Build A High-Quality CV And Ultimately Land A Lucrative Job.
  • Stand Out From The CompetitionIn This Day And Age There Are Thousands Of Applications For Universities & Jobs. We Want Your Son/Daughter To Do The Best, So They Can Stand Out From The Competition.

With an infinite amount of free maths help out there… Why are students still stuck? What are the problems?

❌ Teachers are rushing through the content and not going over the tough exam questions. Meaning students don’t fully understand what’s going on. No matter how many exam questions you throw at a student with subpar understanding… They will never be 100% with that particular topic. Worst of all, when it comes to the tough topics, most schools rush through it because it’s being covered at the end of the academic year. No wonder students’ are stressed.

❌ Teachers are doubting students' abilities. Making students feel like maths is an impossible subject to master and causing unnecessary anxiety around the subject.

❌ Textbooks aren’t preparing students for the actual questions that come up. Making all those hours of studying pointless. 

❌ YouTube doesn’t allow for real time feedback. Spending hours finding the right video isn’t the best way to revise. And after a year, the videos are outdated and worst of all, no-one is asking you in real time, questions to clarify your understanding. 

❌ Students “get the topic” but still can’t do the exam questions…. This is due to all of the above. 

❌ Mark schemes are too vague. Students often try and understand a topic from the mark scheme, however this doesn’t work as the mark scheme is too vague. If the question is worded slightly differently, you’re never going to feel 100% confident with the topic as you truly don’t understand it. 

❌ Current tutors are just homework assistants. I speak with a lot of parents and students, and oftentimes I hear that tutors are just assisting with homework. The problem is that you can only really go about 3 questions and you’re always playing catch up, you’re never getting ahead. 

Who is going to get through the syllabus faster and have a higher level of understanding? 

The student who sees their tutor once a week, or the student who can see their tutor 4-5 times a week with a clear structure? (Clearly the latter). 

More points of contact in the week allow for more support, more effective revision and provide students with a good study routine. 

So at A-Level Maths Mastery we eliminate all of these problems and help students truly understand A-Level Maths FASTER.

What Makes Us Different?

This is the exact method I used when I studied A-Level Maths, Further Maths & my two degrees in Mathematics.  

Our Teaching Style & Structure

All live lessons & exam classes are taught Amrit- Engaging and Interactive lessons: I’m always asking students what to do, which method is better, how to visualise the solution as a function and HOW TO KNOW to even use a particular method in the first place

Crystal Clear Explanations: always showing all methods, annotating work for thorough understanding- Real exam questions & my own past paper questions: To give students more effective practise.

Structure: Students have an actual learning routine in the week keeping them focused. - Learning Portal: Recorded lessons allow for students to always revisit concepts again & again

Cutting edge notes, exam questions and curriculum: Every year our lessons and exam classes get updated with new tough problem solving style exam questions. Our pre-lesson handouts get better and better because I know exactly what students find tough, so I can adjust them accordingly to make them clearer. Textbooks and automated online courses are static and do not update. 

My Qualifications & Experience

You’re learning from a mathematician with two masters in Mathematics (one from UCL, world top 10 university in the world). I used to teach A-Level in a college full time for 2 years. I have been a private tutor since 2011. 

Why Do We Do This Online?

Allows for the lessons to be recorded so you can watch them again and again. When you work with a 1:1 tutor or in a tuition centre, once the lesson is over…you cannot rewatch the lesson. 

Saves petrol travelling to a tuition centre or to a tutors house.

You don’t need to pay the tutors' travel fee.

Allows for more resources to be shared.

Allows for easier access to support throughout the week. With online, it’s easier to get in contact with me.

Why Do A Hybrid Program

An online hybrid program is a mixture of small groups AND 1:1 support in the week. You need both to go through content faster and fix any weak links you have.

Can get through the syllabus exponentially faster than a 1:1 tutor

Can get more help & support in the week. With us, minimum 7 points of contact  throughout the week for help (live lessons, exam classes, multiple weekly office hours until the end of year & 1:1 calls)

Students have a plan to get through content AND fix any problems they’re stuck on at the same time.

Makes the environment rewarding. When you’re surrounded by other successful students, it motivates you

Makes tuition feel fun, the time goes by just like that, allowing you to do more maths in the week effortlessly

Nice structure during the week. More maths in the week = better results. 

Allows for students to have a better learning environment as  everything can be stored in one place

Students need 3-4 hours in the week in a structured format with exposure to TOUGH problems constantly. 

Helping students have a successful future by scoring top marks in their A-Level Maths

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