We Will Help Your Child Jump To An A/A* In A-Level Maths As Quickly As Possible...

And Ensure They Maintain This Standard Until Their Summer Exams

January 8th Till 15th May (18 Weeks) + Revision Support & Hwks Until June

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We Will Teach The Pure Content Taught Live. 

Week 1: Transformations, Graph Sketching, Surds & Indices

Week 2: Quadratics & Polynomials

Week 3: Circles & Geometry

Week 4: Binomial Expansion, Quadratic Modelling

Week 5: Exponentials & Logs

Week 6: Exponetial & Log Modelling & Linear Laws.

Week 7: Trig (Radian Measure, Small Angle Approximations, Basic Equations)

Week 8: Trig (Solving using trig identites)

Week 9: Differentiation & Optimisation

Week 10: Integration & Application

Week 11: Numerical Measures & Data Presentation

Week 12: Binomial Distribution & Hypothesis Testing

Week 13: Probability, Correlation & Correlation Hypothesis Testing

Week 14: Motion in 1D (SUVAT, DT VT Graphs & Vertical Motion)

Week 15: Vectors, Motion in 2D & Variable Acceleration

Week 16: Forces & Connected Particles.

Week 17: Past Paper Walkthroughs

Week 18: Past Paper Walkthroughs

What happens after the program?
The program's main goal is to help you really understand most of your course material, especially the stuff that's usually rushed through in school or left out of textbooks. After 18 weeks, you should be doing really well in your studies, reaching A or A* grades.

Even after those 18 weeks, we'll keep giving you homework every week. It will include practice questions from previous exams and some new ones we make. This is to make sure you don't forget what you've learned and keep doing great.

You can also join one of our four weekly help sessions (you can attend all of them if you want). In these sessions, you can ask for help with anything related to A-level maths, whether it's about our course, your own studying, schoolwork, or anything else you need assistance with.

Here's Everything You'll Get Access To:

  • 2 Live Lesson Per week for 16 weeks. Monday, Tuesday 645pm-745pm. Going Through The Basics & Fundamentals All The Way To The Tough Exam Questions. Every Lesson Is Taught Interactively With Direct Questions, Polls And Seeing Students Written Work.
  • 1 Live Exam Class Week for 16 Weeks. Wed 645-745pm. This summarises the content covered in the week with more tough exam questions
  • Last Two Weeks Of the program is past paper walkthroughs to help students prepare for their end of year mocks. 
  • Every Lesson Is Recorded: Students Get Access Till End of June 2025
  • Access To The Full Year AS-Level Maths Video Library Program Until June 2024 (Last Years Course)
  • Access To 4 Weekly Office Hours (help sessions) Until June 2024. Monday 8pm, Tuesday 645pm, Thursday 645pm, Sat 11am. Come to as many as you like, until june 2024. This is where you get individulised 1:1 support.
  • Weekly Homework & Feedback with written & video solutions. So you know where to improve and understand how to get the perfect model answer that markschemes miss out.
  • 2 Marked Assessments One Half Way, And One At The End of the course on pure, stats & mech
  • 2 x 1:1 Calls To Be Used Within Program. To help with whatever is critical
  • Community Group Access To Ask Questions Outside Office Hours & collaborate with other successful students, share tips & resources.
  • 1:1 Mentorship with Amrit Himself. Not some random "cherry picked" uni student who isn't even a mathematician. you'll actually be in touch with amrit every step of the way. amrit teaches all the live lessons & exam classes.
  • Post program guidance. Workbooks To Complete, Homeworks & Support in office hours until end of year. you're going to maintain your new standard of mathematical excellence.

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Join Today And Your Child Will Be Our Next Success Story... See What Others Had To Say

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Frequently Asked Questions From Parents

What are Amrit's Credentials?

Arguably the most qualified tutor you'll come across. 

MSc Financial Mathematics from UCL (Merit).

MMATH Master of Mathematics University of Leicester (First Class Honours).

Former A-Level Mathematics examiner for two years.

A* in A-Level Maths, A in Further Maths

PGCE with QTS (qualified to teach).

A-Level Mathematics Teacher since 2014.

A-Level Mathematics Tutor since 2011.

Owner of A-Level Maths Mastery & A-Level Further Maths Mastery.

When should I start?


The sooner your child joins, if this fit in with what you’re looking, the better as they can start fixing any knowledge gaps right away.

This means that they’ll finish the content in advance and therefore can do more past papers and quality revision

Is it really possible to turn things around in  18 weeks?

Yes. See all the reviews from former students.

Are there payment plans?

Yes, all payment plans cost a little extra. (£100 more). We offer 2 or 3 payments. 

When will next cohort start?

September, October, November, January.

If you're reading this page, I would sign up right away because if you get ahead quicker it means that you have more time for quality revision, more past paper practise and more time to identify weak links. 

Is this better than 1:1 tutors?


We record our lessons so students can revisit material, provide a solid learning platform, have a community of like minded students, can get through more content faster and have a real structure in place. 

Will my child be able to ask questions

Absolutely. Our lessons are interactive with direct questions being asked to each student. Students can raise their hands at any time. Students can also ask for help on anything they're stuck on in A-level maths in our office hours and in their strategic 1:1 calls. 

How long does my child have access to the materials for?

Until they receive their results in August. 

What about other topics not taught live?

Your child can watch the video lessons on them. And if they're stuck they can attend up to 4 weekly help sessions until the end of the year. 

Sounds good, but I still have a question?

Send us a message on email or whatsapp. 

Which exam boards is this good for?

All of them. A-Level Maths is the only alevel where 99% of the content is the same. Maths is maths. Any topics that are specific to certain exam boards we let students know. 

Is this easy to manage?

Yes. It’s only 4 hours out of the 168 hours available in the week.

All of our successful students did this with 3-4  alevels. 

This is going to help your child get ahead, so they can go through the syllabus before the end of March & focus on the hardest part - applying to exam questions

  • We have 3 lessons a week to cover content
  • Putting everything in to practice in the 4th lesson (exam class)
  • Don’t forget, the lessons are recorded to rewatch

Do you do a trial?

Yes we can give access to 10 sample lessons that you can watch which will serve as your trial. If you like the sample lessons, you'll love the program. Period. 

Is this a good investment?

Yes. It will help your child get into uni or their apprenticeship, the foundation for a successful high paying job in the future. For example, if this helped them become a doctor...  Would it be worth it? Of course. We are not the cheapest, and we don't want to be. Because you get what you pay for. 

I need to think about it

Sure. Here's how to come to the conclusion

1) Is the investment worth your child's success?
2) Do you like the sample lessons?
3) Do you want your child to get ahead?
4) Do you want them to have a world class support system?
5) Do you want them to have a structure in the week?
6) Do you want them to learn from a mathematician with two masters in maths?

If you answered yes to all those, you know what you need to do :-)

What if I miss a lesson or can't make a lesson?

All lessons are recorded and replay is uploaded the next day.

Is this better than other programs online?


Other online group programs don't have as many lessons in the week. Meaning it's going to take them twice as long to finish the content. 

They don't have office hours to ask for help. Whilst they claim you have a "1:1 mentor"... It's really just a university student who will take ages  to respond.

Other programs take your money and that's it. Radio silence after payment. In our process we keep the parents in the loop regularly and give feedback to them. 

To become a master in mathematics you need to finish the content in advance. This makes school feel like revision and gets you ahead of your peers. 

We have a clear structure in place. Every week  and every lesson has a purpose with our signature syllabus.

Finally, you're learning from me. I don't work for anyone else in any other company.  If you want me to teach you, this is the place.

Hands down this is the best A-Level Maths program in the country. 

Is this mixed abilities?

We work with students at the grade C level to help them get towards an A/A*. Even if your child is at an A, they'd still greatly benefit.

How do we sign up?

Click the button and you can on our website. We accept credit or debit cards. We don't accept Amex due to high payment processing fees.

Do we get a receipt of payment?

Yes once you pay you'll get an email confirming your purchase and how to gain access to our platform.

100% secure 256-bit encrypted checkout.

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