Master International A-Level Maths quickly from a Former UK examiner

From A Qualified Teacher Who Holds Two Master's Degrees In Mathematics From A Top 10 University In The World

A-Level Maths Mastery Program
Summer Course + September Accelerator

Summer Booster Course

June 24th to September 1st


Week 1: Sequences & Series
Week 2: Proof, Algebraic Fractions & Numerical Integration
Week 3: Transformations, Graph Sketching & Exam questions
Week 4: Quadratics & Further Quadratics, Circles & Exam questions
Week 5: Polynomials & Exam questions
Week 6: Logs & Exam questions
Week 7: Exponential Modelling, Linear Laws & Exam Questions
Week 8: Trig Ratios, Trig Equations & Identities & Exam Questions
Week 9: Differentiation, Differentiation Optimisation & Exam Questions
Week 10: Integration & Exam Questions

3 Live Lessons Per Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:30pm Dubai time. 

After July 23rd, the times will move to 3pm Dubai time.

In these live lessons we will recap all of year 12 Maths. We'll go from the basics to all to the tough exam questions with progressive difficulty. You'll learn what to look out for and develop strong exam technique.

1 Office Hour Per Week

There will be one drop in help sessions every Wednesday at 7pm Dubai time. This is where you can ask any question on A-Level Maths. Whether that's work from the course, your own studying or questions from school. 

Weekly Exam Question Homework

Each week, your child will receive exam question homework. They are required to mark their answers and confirm their understanding using our video solutions. Afterward, they will submit their work through our homework submission links. We track their progress, and you can view this information on their individual spreadsheet at any time, ensuring greater accountability.

International A-Level Maths Accelerator

September 2nd to December 20th

Syllabus Pure Mathematics

Lesson will cover Cambridge P2 & P3, Edexcel P3+P4, Oxford AQA P2

Week 1: Modulus Functions & Function Theory
Week 2: Trig Identities & Equations (Pythagorean, Addition & Double Angle)
Week 3: Harmonic Form & Modelling
Week 4: Exponential Modelling & Linear Laws
Week 5: Further Differentiation
Week 6: Integration Reverse Chain Rule & Log Bottom
Week 7: Numerical Methods (Root Finding & Iteration)
Week 8: Proof by contradiction & Partial Fractions
Week 9: Implicit Differentiation, Integration by Substitution & Parts
Week 10: Parametric Functions & Parametric Calculus
Week 11: Volumes of Revolution & Introduction to Differential Equations
Week 12: Differential Equations & Connected Rates of Change
Week 13: Vectors & Application
Week 14, 15, 16: Past Paper Walkthroughs 

For Cambridge students, we will offer additional lessons on complex numbers later in the year. These lessons will be integrated with our Further Maths group sessions.

Syllabus Applied Mathematics

International Statistics Year 12 & 13 (Starts September)

Lessons will cover Cambridge S1, Edexcel S1, Oxford AQA PMS1, 

Week 1: Data Presentation (ALL) 
Week 2: Measures of Central Tendency (ALL)
Week 3: Probability (ALL)
Week 4: Discrete Random Variables (ALL)
Week 5: Binomial Distribution (Cambridge & Oxford)
Week 6: Geometric Distribution (Cambridge only)
Week 7: Permtuations & Combinations (Cambridge only)
Week 8: Bernoulli Distribution (Oxford AQA only)
Week 9: Normal Distribution (Cambridge & Edexcel)
Week 10: Correlation & Regression (I-Edexcel only)
Week 11: Uniform Distribution (I-Edexcel only)

International Mechanics Year 12 & 13 (Starts in January)

Lesson will cover Cambridge Mechanics, Edexcel M1, M2 & M3, Oxford AQA PMS1, Oxford AQA M2

Week 1&2: Kinematics on a straight line (ALL)
Week 2: Forces & Equilibrium (ALL)
Week 3: Newton’s Law’s (ALL)
Week 4: Variable Acceleration (ALL)
Week 5&6: Work Energy & Power (ALL)
Week 7: Momentum & Impulse (ALL except Cambridge)
Week 8: Kinematics with Vectors (Oxford AQA & Edexcel) 
Week 9: Moments (Oxford AQA & Edexcel)
Week 10&11: Incline Moments (Oxford AQA M2 only, Edexcel M3)
Week 11&12: Projectiles (Oxford AQA M2 only, Edexcel M2)
Week 13: Centers of Mass (Oxford AQA M2, Edexcel M2)
Week 14: Uniform Circular Motion (Oxford AQA M2, Edexcel M3)
Week 15: Elastic Strings & Springs (Further Maths & Edexcel M3)

3 Live Lessons Per Week For 16 Weeks (Pure)

In every lesson we will go through the basics, all the way to the tough exam questions with progressive difficulty. Each lesson is taught interactively with live Q&A, polls and seeing students work with our online whiteboards. 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 6:45pm Dubai time. 

Lessons are recorded and last 60-75 mins. Handouts are provided so students can make notes during the lesson.

Whereas textbooks do not go any further revisions... These handouts are updated every year to continuously ensure that students are prepared for the exam. 

1 Exam Class Per Week For 16 Weeks (Pure)

The weekly exam class summarizes the content covered in the week with more tough exam questions. 

Thursday 6:45pm Dubai time.

Lessons are recorded and last 60-75 mins. Handouts are provided so students can make notes during the lesson. These contain exam board specific questions. Tough questions from the new spec, old spec and questions that Martina writes herself. 

1 Weekly Applied Maths Masterclass (Applied)

Each week we will go through a chapter of statistics & mechanics throughout the academic year. 

Saturday 3pm Dubai time. 

Lessons are recorded and last up 120 minutes. Handouts are provided so students can make notes during the lesson. These contain exam board specific questions. Tough questions from the new spec, old spec and questions that Martina writes herself. 

Past Paper Walkthroughs Last 4 Weeks 

In the last 4 weeks of the course we will conduct past paper walkthroughs. The 3 live lessons and exam class will turn into past paper classes during these last 4 weeks.

5 Weekly Office Hours Per Week Until June 2025

If your child needs assistance with any A-Level Maths topics, they are welcome to attend our drop-in help sessions. These sessions are held on:

- Monday 8pm UK time
- Tuesday 7pm UK time
- Wednesday 6pm UK time
- Thursday 5pm UK time
- Saturday 12pm UK time

During each session, students can ask up to two full exam questions and are encouraged to attend as many sessions as they wish throughout the week until June 2025. They can continue to benefit from these sessions up until their final A-Level Maths exam.

Access To Our Exam Question Packs

We've compiled challenging exam questions from every exam board, organized by topic. No other online resource offers this level of organization. This makes it extremely easy for your child to work through more exam questions at their own pace.

Weekly Exam Question Homework & Monthly Assessments

Each week, students will be assigned exam questions for their homework. They are required to mark their work and then submit it via our homework submission links. Upon submission, parents will automatically receive a notification. The submitted work will be reviewed within the next few days to ensure it meets our A-Level Maths Mastery standards.

Each student has an individual spreadsheet logging their work, which parents can view at any time. Students are also encouraged to submit additional exam questions for independent revision, which will also be logged in their spreadsheet.

At the end of each month, students will take a 90-minute assessment covering all the material they have studied so far. They will submit their assessment through the submission link, and their marks will be tracked in their spreadsheet.

To help students immediately understand their performance, we provide written and video solutions. These resources allow students to see the perfect model solutions and understand what they got right and what needs improvement.

Access to the Full Video Library 

Students receive access to all of last year's A-Level Maths lessons specific to their exam board. This includes Pure, Stats & Mechanics. This allows them to learn topics ahead of time by watching the full course replays or to independently review and strengthen areas where they need improvement.

BONUS: Complimentary 1:1 Call in Maths

Sign up within 24 hours of your consultation and receive a complimentary 1:1 call with Amrit, our head of Maths. This session must be used before December 20th, with a two-week notice required. This call is perfect for addressing any critical clarifications needed after an assessment.

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